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Tom Scott wrote many of these stories for my local community magazines over a number of years.

The original publication was, Community Times Poole magazine which went out monthly to the local Poole community, hand-delivered to around 7000 addresses.

The magazine contained 48 pages and I would receive feedback from readers about the various articles, be it, the letters page, recipes, forthcoming events and so on but, no feedback was ever greater than, ‘Looking Back At Old Poole’ by Tom Scott.

This monthly article attracted the interest of more people than any other feature and so I posted some of the articles on my local community website which encouraged readers to post their comments on Tom Scott’s stories … some remembering the times he spoke of well, while others adding their own memories to the article pages.

I started re-publishing Tom’s articles in a newer publication, Viva! Poole magazine and where those who had missed the original run were also being reminded of days gone by and the clear memories of Tom Scott. Tom started writing new articles especially for the new magazine and I am thrilled to say that they also appear in this book.

Being my Uncle, I know Tom very well and reading his stories has always been fascinating and full of interest to me as I, too, was born in Poole. They reflect his sense of humour, his outlook on life and, of course his wonderful memories of Old Poole.

Tom Scott’s Poole Days contains short articles that, I know, will bring back many fond memories for his readers to enjoy.

I often wish I could be transported back in time to those ‘early days’ of Poole Town but, for the time being at least, Tom Scott will take me on that very journey.

Thank you, Uncle Tom and thank you to Alec Wills for the lovely illustrations throughout, they really bring Tom’s stories to life.